Caring for Ekotree Knitwear

Washing Ekotree knitwear correctly will will continue to soften the fibre without felting it and allow you get to get even more wear out of each piece – ensuring its longevity, and making it worth every penny. But carelessly putting cashmere into a washing machine without a specialized wash will over felt the garment and it may lose its softness and drape.

Preparation for Hand Washing 
There are several things you should have beforehand.
  • Basin: The basin should be big enough so you can easily rinse or swirl the garment. A small basin forces you to wring the garment, which is not recommended.
  • Detergent/Soap: In general, you should choose mild detergent or soap for washing knitwear. There are special soaps for sale here.
  • Towel: At least two big towels for drying.

    Use warm water and mix it with a gentle detergent. There are special detergents for cashmere available (remember to read instructions before use).

    Submerge the garment and soak it for 10-15 minutes.

    Carefully rinse the garment in warm water.

    Press out or squeeze to remove as much water as possible. Do not wring it

    Place it flat on a dry towel, keep it away from sunlight and let it air-dry.


    Spending the time and effort hand washing your knitwear might not be very desirable thing especially when your schedule is tight. But as you can see, the sensitivity and value of our knitwear makes it worth your time. Moreover, it’s unlikely that you will have to wash your knitwear once every week, so why not dedicate a couple of hours (or a morning) one weekend to wash multiple items in one sitting?

    It’s actually recommended you wash your sweaters just once or twice every season in order to maintain their shape and resilience. If that still doesn’t motivate you to take greater care of the MONEY YOU have invested then consider the benefits: Properly washed Ekotree knitwear can last multiple years.