Where do you get your inspiration from?

The rich traditional knitwear heritage of the west of Ireland, landscape patterns, natural textures, and light reflecting onto land from the sea. The studio is based in Doolijn beside the Atlantic ocean.

The design focus is create subtle & modern knitwear in a wide selection of colours and at very reasonable prices. 

Where do you manufacture your products?

We design, knit, mill & finish all ekotree cashmere in the studio.

What yarns do you use?

Ekotree is a specialised cashmere designer-maker brand. We use only Italian and Scottish Grade A spun cashmere. 

Where do you sell ekotree products?

The brand is mainly focussed on a direct to customer business model. In this way we reduce the selling costs substantially and give our customers the best possible value for money.

How 'eco-friendly' is your knitwear?

Ekotree has been a truly sustainable knitwear brand from day one. 

All ekotree cashmere yarn is sustainably sourced and spun and dyed with plants, herbs and berries. No toxic chemicals are used in any of the product development processes.

The studio is an almost zero waste facility.

All ekotree knitwear is fully fashioned (shaped) so there is no cut and sew waste associated with cheap imported knitwear.  The knitting and finishing machinery is modern with a strong focus on maximising material usage and minimising energy & water usage.

As the owner and qualified environmental scientist and a designer-maker - sustainable practice is an intrinsic part of my life and the brand.

How do you see your company developing in the coming years?

The business has continued to grow over the last 10 years with the investment of new machinery and expansion of the cashmere ranges. key words for the brand include - high quality, luxurious, affordable, modern and sustainable. 

Investment in state of the art knit-and-wear computerised machinery has allowed the business to refine the product offering with the expansion into seamless knitting technology. 

 Any exciting plans for 2021?

Continue to expand the product offering and the 'direct to customer' business model through online selling. This give our growing customer base access to the highest quality cashmere products at a fraction of the retail price.