Stories - Ekotree Merino Wool

Posted on July 01 2018

Stories - Ekotree Merino Wool

Ekotree's Superfine Merino Knitwear Is Made In Doolin

All Ekotree's superfine merino knitwear is made in Doolin, Ireland Ekotree Irish knitwear mainly uses the superfine merino grade of wool (15–18.5 µm) or 15-18.5 microns for our finer knits which include wraps, hats and scarves and any knitwear that may be used next to the skin. We also use the medium grade (19.6–22.9 µm) for Ekotree Aran knitwear. This is the chunkier knitwear that has more of a traditional Aran feel and look and similar to traditional Irish knitwear but made in a modern context using contemporary colour palettes and silhouettes.

Both grades are create very fine knitwear product especially when wet finished giving excellent drape and softness. The Merino is an economically influential breed of sheep prized for the fineness of its wool. This wool can be generally graded into 5 main categories: Broad wool (23–24.5 µm), medium wool (19.6–22.9 µm), fine (18.6–19.5 µm), superfine (15–18.5 µm) and ultra fine (11.5–15 µm). Merino are highly prized and the world demand for finer merino wools is continually growing. In 2008 an Australian Merino ewe was sold for A$ 14,000 at the Sheep Show and auction held in New South Wales.



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